Thursday, June 12, 2008

SRC kickoff event

Tonight we had one of the kickoff events for Summer Reading Club. As I said before, the theme this year is Catch the Reading Bug!

The program included 2 crafts (caterpillars and butterflies), a music performance by a local musician, refreshments (pizza before the music, ice cream sundaes after), and prize drawings.

The crowd was decent - especially for such a beautiful day. The program was a lot of fun!

For the crafts:


materials needed: clothespins, pompoms (about 6 dime sized per caterpillar), mini-googley eyes, glue, magnet strips

glue the pompoms onto a clothespin.
glue two eyes onto the 1st pompom
affix magnet strip (cut to appropriate size) to the back of the clothespin.


materials needed: bingo daubers/dot art daubers, coffee filters, pipe cleaners (cut in half)

decorate a coffee filter with the daubers.
scrunch middle of coffee filter
twist pipe cleaner in the middle.

Photos of the crafts can be provided upon request!

The musician - Chip Richter - was great! He sounded wonderful, and was very personable - both with the audience and with the staff. I would hire him again (if budget allows).

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