Thursday, June 12, 2008

Want free books?

I know there are at least a few people reading this blog...and I hope to snag a few more readers...

So. Here's the dealio. If you are a comment or few. If I get enough people commenting - perhaps some discussions here and there, I will start giving away books.

Yes. Books.

For free.


Who doesn't love free books? (well, besides those "freaks" who don't think reading is fun?)

I hear you asking, "What kind of free books?" What does it matter...they are free.

Seriously, though, I have teen books, children's books...even some adult titles! Where do I get them? I've bought them, been given them, etc. Some I've read. Some are brand spankin' new. I can only keep so many for myself, and I want to share the wealth.

So, let me know you are out there, and I will start passing along the goodies.


Anonymous said...

I'm here, yo.

Anonymous said...

I'm here! I'm just bad at remembering, cuz I check so many things already!

Sylvie Mann said...

I'm posting.. and saying.. check out my blog! (nothing like a bit of shameless promotion!)