Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Spoiler Alert!
A warning – Don’t read this review if you are currently reading or plan to read Breaking Dawn.

Wow. I haven’t been a huge fan of this series. After finishing Breaking Dawn, I think I am even less so. As with the previous books, I listened to the book on CD.

It was predictable – Jacob showing up at the wedding reception. Bella getting pregnant. Jacob imprinting on Bella and Edward’s daughter…the list goes on.

It was annoying – because it was predicable. Because teenage vampires (and vampires to be) are even worse at naming children than most celebrities. I won’t even use the child’s name, it is so horrible. No wonder Jacob nicknames her Nessy. And I was still annoyed by the overuse of certain adjectives. Cold. Icy. Marble. Freezing. Yeah…got the picture 3 books ago. The vampires are not warm blooded people. Also annoying? The lack of action. Sex is glossed over, which is annoying with the buildup in the previous books. There isn’t any fighting, even though the vampire “law” enforcers pay the Cullens a visit. The bloodlust buildup fizzled out with no release. Boring.

One last annoying bite. Bella is too perfect. With all the talk about how newborn vampires act (wasn’t that a big part of Eclipse?), you would think that we would be treated to Bella’s struggle. Nope. Instead, she is reborn without all those nasty little newborn traits.

So, while there were a couple parts of the book that I liked, overall I thought it rather sucked. (Or should I say it bites? Ha.)

Continuing on the vampire theme…I was reading Suck it Up, which was a book group pick for this month. *yawn* not going to finish it. I was bored by it as well. So, I’m going to my group this month having not read the “assigned” reading. Ah, well. Won’t be the last time, I’m sure!

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