Saturday, February 28, 2009

Part-time Indian....Stealing Heaven

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie.
This audiobook is narrated by the author. At first, I wasn’t keen on the narration; however, as the story continued on, I realized that the accent portrayed was perfect for the character. Yes…it was a little annoying, but it fit Arnold Spirit. While it’s early in the year, this book just might make my top audiobooks listened to in 2009.

Recorded Books won the 2009 Odyssey Award for this title.

Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott
Along with Boy Toy and Hunger Games, this is a recent book group pick. Although it’s a bit fluff, and a somewhat tidy ending, I did enjoy this book.

Eighteen-year-old Dani and her mother travel from town to town, scamming the rich and stealing silver. Having never gone to school or had a normal childhood, it is all that Dani knows. That doesn’t mean that she is happy with their life of crime. While her mom gets a high from stealing silver, Dani doesn’t enjoy it.

When they arrive in a small coastal town called Heaven, Dani knows the drill. Unfortunately, she encounters a few things that are very out of the ordinary – at least in her experiences. She finds a friend amongst the rich kids. She also finds a guy who seems genuinely interested in her as a person…and who she likes, as well. Too bad he’s a cop.

As I said, it’s a bit fluff, but I did like the story. Dani does grow as the tale is told, even though her mother stays the same (which actually works well for the story…and makes it a little more real).


wonderlandchick said...

Did the Part Time Indian audio come with a booklet with the illustrations from the novel? I love the way they add to the story.

Ama said...

Unfortunately, no. That is a bummer, too, because the illustrations rock. They do add a lot to the story.