Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hungry for a good book?

Sitting beside me is a stack of materials I need to review. Three are print books, one is an audiobook, and the last item is a DVD. We won’t discuss how long some of these items have been sitting on my desk. Let’s just say it’s been less than a month…I think.

So, without further ado…

Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton
As usual, Anita gets mixed up in some sort of trouble. This time it happens when her ex-fiancĂ©, Richard, winds up sitting in a small town jail cell in Tennessee. Falsely accused of attempted rape, Richard refuses a lawyer. This would be problem enough, but it’s just days before a blue moon – the second full moon of the month, and Richard needs to keep his werewolf tendencies hidden.

After a call from Richard’s brother, Anita – and an entourage from her boyfriend, Master Vampire/Master of the City, Jean-Claude – travel to Tennessee to make sure Richard gets out of jail in time for the full moon.

The Master of the City in that part of Tennessee is none too pleased at their arrival. That’s just one of the foes Anita and company encounter while spending time in the hills of Tennessee.

I almost didn’t finish this book. It just wasn’t up to snuff compared to the previous books in the series – especially compared to the first few. I contemplated just quitting the series after this one, as well, but did start reading the next in the series – Obsidian Butterfly. Maybe the series will recapture the magic of the first few books. I’m not going to hold my breath, though.

While I like books that are, well, a bit on the freaky side, the turn this series has taken just doesn’t ring logical and true.

This is an adult book.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games is reality TV like you’ve never seen it. It’s Survivor like you’ve never imagined it. For Katniss and the other 23 tributes (a boy and a girl from each of the country’s twelve districts), it is a matter of life and death…and everyone in the nation will be watching.

Every year two teens are chosen as their districts representatives. Only one will survive and return home with fame and riches. When sixteen-year-old Katniss’ younger sister is chosen, she volunteers to go instead. Katniss has skills that may keep her alive.

Let the 74th annual Hunger Games begin.

This book has been on my “to be read” list for ages, but I hadn’t gotten around to it until last week. It was a quick read…but that might also because it is such an engrossing tale. Full of action and intrigue, I did not want to put the book down. The sequel comes out this fall. I cannot wait!

I've heard nothing but great reviews of this book. It's definitely on my recommended reading list!

This is a teen book.

Here’s the website for the series:

Boy Toy by Barry Lyga

A lot can happen in five years. Teens become adults. Middle school students become high school seniors. Baseball averages get better. The teacher who had an affair with you when you were twelve gets out on parole.

For Josh, a lot has changed…but a lot has stayed the same. Convinced that everyone knows his secret - that he seduced his seventh grade history teacher, Josh has kept mostly to himself over the last five years. He continues to get straight As, to excel in baseball, hang out with his best friend and to see his therapist on a regular basis, and occasionally takes his anger out on others, but the events of five years ago continue to eat away at him.

Then Eve is released from prison after serving less than half of her sentence. And Rachel – the girl who inadvertently uncovered the scandal – finally gets Josh to talk to her. With six weeks left until graduation, can Josh come to terms with what happened and get on with his life?

This book was crazy. Crazy because the sex scenes are mostly between a twelve-year-old boy and his 24-year-old teacher. It felt wrong to read those parts.

But that’s not my biggest beef with the story. Josh has issues. Understandable. Who wouldn’t after such a thing! My problem with the book is that the end is wrapped up all nice and neat. Too neat. And I think that takes a lot away from the story.

I’m not such a big fan of baseball that I follow stats. Josh is. That’s great. I know people who would love that. I’ll admit I kind of skimmed those parts.

This is a teen book.

The other to items will have to wait until later. Duty calls!

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