Friday, June 26, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - Friday afternoon edition

I get mail at work sometimes. Usually it is yet another catalog or library related junk mail.

Today I received a handmade card from a patron. It was a thank you card. As always happens when a parent or child expresses their thanks for the work I do, the message brought tears of joy to my eyes. This is why I love my job.

The message (name abbreviated):

I just wanted to tell you how much K and I enjoyed coming to storytime with you. Weeks later K is still singing your songs and asking when I have a day off to come again. Thank you so much for giving my daughter this wonderful memory and for the wonderful job you do!

I remember this family. Mom was at the tail end of her maternity leave and would bring her 2 year old to Toddler Tales – along with her infant son.

My heart soared when I read the note. It is one of those things that just make my day.

But within moments of reading it, my mood changed from bliss to anger. The reason for my anger? There is a very good chance that we may not be able to provide the programs like the one that obviously impacted K’s little world. Children across the state will not have the opportunity to come to the library and bond with their parents over music and books. They will lose a perfect – and free – opportunity to learn the important literacy skills needed before they start school.

This angers me and it saddens me. Gov. Strickland’s recent letter – a lovely example of sidestepping, imesho – and the general tone I have felt from other sources I’ve read this afternoon has left me feeling down.

Our cries are loud. Our message is clear. Please save Ohio libraries. Keep them funded correctly so our doors will be open for K and all the other children in Ohio who love their library.

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Sharon said...

How sweet! Great to know that you are appreciated!