Saturday, June 27, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - Weekend update.

It’s Saturday. I’m at work today, making up the 6 hours I took off on Thursday in order to attend the Columbus rally.

There’s a subdued feeling throughout the library today. We are waiting to hear the fates of our beloved library.

It doesn’t sound good. We’ve heard from some politicians that, while they support the library, they will vote for the proposed cuts. There seems to be little interest in passing a temporary budget to allow for extra time to work out a fairer budget.

Libraries are not the only service on the budgetary chopping block. Other social services will also be hit hard. MRDD, nursing homes, passport programs (assisted home care), mental health programs, drug and alcohol programs…all vital social services.

Gov. Strickland has stated that his proposed budget is in line with his plans to bring more jobs to Ohio. How? By ensuring that thousands of workers across the state will be forced to file unemployment? That many may have to resort to government aid programs, such as welfare and food stamps? How does that help the failing Ohio economy?

I’m disappointed and disgusted by Gov. Strickland’s proposed budget and by his response to the outcries of upset citizens.

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