Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yet again I have finished several books that I need to write about.

First up – three graphic novels for kids.

Owly: Flying Lessons by Andy Runton

Owly is an adorable, kind little owl. His best friend is a worm (named Wormy). The two live together in a snug little home.

One day they witness a strange creature in the woods. Unable to figure out what it is, they both draw pictures of it and show it to their friend – a Raccoon. The raccoon finds a picture in a book that tells them what the animal is (A flying squirrel)…and what it is afraid of (owls).

Owly and Wormy try to make friends with the flying squirrel, but he is too afraid of Owly. Wormy succeeds in befriending the squirrel…and in getting stuck at the top of a high tree. Can Owly learn to fly and save Wormy? Will he be able to befriend the flying squirrel?

This is an adorable graphic novel and a sweet tale of friendship. The format is mostly wordless, with the characters talking in pictures. Great for kids who struggle to read.

Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World! by James Kochalka

Johnny Boo and his pet ghost Squiggle are enjoying an afternoon of fun and showing off their superpowers. When Johnny Boo upsets Squiggle, he makes it up to him by offering ice cream. They must beware, however, of the Ice Cream Monster!

This is another cute graphic novel. A very slim book, it is perfect for beginning readers who are just about ready for chapters. There are six chapters over 36 pages.

Jellaby by Kean Soo

I first met Jellaby a few years ago when I read the Flight graphic shorts anthologies, and was tickled pink when I saw that a full length graphic novel was available.

When ten-year-old outcast Portia meets Jellaby she finds the friend she needs…especially after another classmate sees the purple monster! The two try to help the sweet monster to get to where they think his home may be, in the big city near their home.

I’ve also finished reading two teen novels, but, since it is nearly time to go home from work, those reviews will have to wait until later. The books are:

Bloodline by Katy Moran

Envy: a luxe novel by Anna Godbersen.

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