Friday, July 03, 2009

I read books...

As promised, here's the info on the other two books I finished recently.

The Nation by Terry Pratchett

Click here for a video of the author talking about the book.

After spending time alone on a distant island as part of the ritual of manhood, Mau is returning to his own – The Nation.

Ermintrude – or as she decides to be called, Daphne – is on the British ship Sweet Judy, traveling through the Pacific to meet with her father, who was recently appointed governor of a chain of islands.

Then the wave hit.

Mau is the only survivor of his tribe.

Daphne is the only survivor on the ship.

Can the two work together and rebuild The Nation, despite their vast differences?

This compelling story is a tale of duty. Of what it really means to be an adult. Of survival.
I really enjoyed this book. Pratchett does a wonderful job of developing strong characters and plots. It is understandable why this book has won so many awards. To name a few:
  • ALA Best Books for Young Adults : 2009,
  • ALA Notable Children's Books : 2009,
  • Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards : 2009,
  • Capitol Choices (Washington, D.C.: Capitol Choices List) : 2009,
  • Michael L. Printz Honor : 2009

Clemency Pogue: Fairy Killer by JT Petty

Clemency’s family is a poor, but loving one. They spend their evenings telling stories, one of which saves Clemency’s life when she is attacked by a bad fairy. Remembering the tale of Peter Pan, Clemency yells out her disbelief in fairies. This works, but not until several other fairies – both good and bad – have been killed by her disbelief.

With the unwilling help of a hobgoblin, Clemency travels around the world trying to right the harm she caused.

This thin children’s novel is a quick read. I enjoyed the humor of the story enough that I’ve put the next two books on hold.

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