Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money…or the lack thereof…

The Ohio budget has been passed. While the news concerning libraries isn’t nearly as devastating as we had anticipated, it is still rather dire. Our budget will decrease by a further 11 %. Remember…this is in addition to the 20% we have already suffered this year.

So…we are still waiting, though, this time not to hear what the budget cuts will be, but rather to hear how the budget will directly affect libraries.

I’ve been out of state for most of the past week, and not able to easily access the internet while I was away. News I’ve heard today is that one local library - a smaller one – has laid off five employees and will be reducing their hours of operation. I fear this will be very common news over the next couple of months.


Sharon said...

Well.. 11 is better than 50.. but still sucks.. :(

Ama said...

The 11% is on top of the 20% we've already had this year, so 33% total. bah. is still better than what was proposed.