Thursday, July 02, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries – Week 2 – Thursday


That’s the overall feeling around the library today. The rainy weather isn’t helping to lift our spirits. Also not helping? The press conference today in which Governor Strickland basically said he is sticking to his guns on the budget.

During his briefing, Strickland rejected recent editorial criticism questioning his leadership on the budget because he refused to consider tax increases to help bail the state out of $3.2 billion in red ink.

"I did something that is unprecedented by submitting a completely new budget framework," he said, referring to his plan for $2.4 billion in budget cuts. "I wasn't required to do that."

Well, pin a rose on your nose. Are you also proud of the fact that your proposed budget would devastate the public library system throughout the state? That it also has major cuts to social services and organizations, all which will lead to a lower quality of care, education and the very lives of many citizens of Ohio? So you submitted a completely new budget framework. Color me unimpressed.


For those who might be interested, here is the press conference from June 19, in which Gov. Strickland announced his budget proposal.

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