Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bones and Verse

Written in bone: buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland by Sally M. Walker

How much can be learned from a centuries-old grave? How can a set of bones tell a person’s story? This book answers these questions, and many more about archeology, forensic anthropology and history. Full of photographs of the various digs discussed, this fascinating book brings history to life.

This is a non-fiction book for grades 5 and up.

Tofu quilt
by Ching Yeung Russell

In this biographical novel in verse, the author tells of how she became a writer while growing up in a culture that did not value the worth of educating girls. The book begins with her trip to mainland China at age eight and ends when she is twelve. The verse beautifully illustrates her life in Hong Kong.

This is a wonderful story of how even when family and even society tells you that you cannot be what you aspire, you may very well prove them wrong.

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