Monday, March 08, 2010

Going on a Safari

This was one of our recent preschool storytime themes. I read three books:

Starry safari by Linda Ashman; illustrated by Jeff Mack.

A little girl is on a safari and views various animals, including hippos, monkeys, gorillas, and a crocodile. After pitching her tent, she is chased by a lion. A greater danger looms near – the head ranger, the child’s father. She is tucked back into bed, and left to dream more safari dreams.

This adorable picture book outlines many of the animals one may see on a safari while highlighting a child's wonderful imagination.

by Paul Bright ; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Papa Lion orders all of the animals to be quiet so Baby Leo can take his nap, threatening to make lunch out of whoever wakes the baby. As several groups of animals are noisy, Papa Lion tells them “Quiet!” as loudly as he dares, grumbling with a hungry disappointment as Baby Leo continues to sleep. When someone causes Baby Leo to wake, will Papa Lion finally get his snack?

This is one of my favorite jungle/lion/safari themed picture books. The children enjoy each of the animals who make noises, and the adults appreciate the humor of Papa Lion's growing hunger.

Hippos go berserk! written and illustrated by Sandra Boynton

One hippo is all alone, so he calls up two friends to come visit…which turns in to a hippo party of 44! After the whimsical bunch party the night away, they head back home, leaving the original hippo all alone once again.

This unique number book is as fun as it is adorable. Children giggle with enjoyment over how each group of hippos arrive at the party.

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