Thursday, May 20, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Will You Still Love Me? by Carol Roth

This adorable storybook portrays several different animal families, each child asking the mother if she will still love him/her when the new baby arrives. Of course the mother assures her child that she will! The illustrations are sweet and I especially love that the human mother is reading the same book to her son at the end. This is a great book for families expecting a new addition.

Bye-bye, Baby! By Richard Morris

Felix does not like his little sister. Who needs a little sister when there is Poncho, his beloved stuffed donkey? Baby sisters cry and get all the attention. You also have to share with them.

When they go to the zoo, Felix sees all sorts of ways that the animals there can help him get rid of his little sister. Felix loves the zoo! So much that when it is time to leave, he is the one who won’t stop crying…until that annoying little sister gives him the one thing that does the trick. Poncho.

This is a cute book about siblings, perfect for those toddler and preschoolers who are new to being a big brother/sister. The illustrations, done by Larry Day, are adorable and expressive.

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