Saturday, June 19, 2010

almost done!

Wow. I’m almost caught up. That won’t last long. I still need to write up reviews of two audiobooks (Farmer Boy and By the shores of Silver Lake, both by Laura Ingalls Wilder), and I am nearly finished with another book as well.

Next week I’ll be in heading to DC to attend the 2010 ALA Annual Conference. Yay! Free books!! This means my internet access will be limited at best. I’m taking the train there, so expect to read at least two books.

The weekend after I return, I will be doing a 48 hour reading challenge (a la MotherReader). As my coworker SK and I both kinda forgot about the official challenge earlier this month, we decided to do our own.

What does this all mean? That whole being nearly caught up thing…soon will be obsolete once again.

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