Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Easy as pie by Cari Best; pictures by Melissa Sweet

After watching his favorite TV chef whip up a pie, Jacob decides to make one as well. Following Chef Monty’s Baking Rules, Jacob makes a peach pie while his family waits. In the end he adds two very important rules to Chef Monty’s list.

I love stories about food – especially when they include a recipe! The illustrations are as fun to read as the text itself.

I wish I had freckles like Abby by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook; illustrated by Bonnie Adamson

Rosa’s best friend, Abby, has freckles. She wishes she did too! She tries out freckles of makeup, paint, mud and even pudding, but always has to wash them off. Chicken pox freckles aren’t quite right either. Rosa is delighted to find out that Abby wishes she has glasses just like her.

This story is a companion tale to I wish I had glasses like Rosa by the same authors and illustrator.

The tale is told with lots of humor. Children can relate to wanting something that another person has – like freckles (or glasses, or long hair, or height…).

The copy reviewed was not a bilingual edition.

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