Thursday, June 10, 2010

Picture Book Promos

I Can Help by David Hyde Costello

In this circular tale, each animal needs help and finds it from the next. The story starts with Little Duck being lost and Monkey helping him, and ends with Little Duck helping Baby Elephant find water…and getting lost again! All the animals help Little Duck find his way once more.

This is a sweet story great for reading to your little one. The illustrations are vibrant, yet simple enough to not detract from the text, making it easy to read aloud.

Panda and Polar Bear by Matthew J. Baek

Panda and Polar Bear lived close to one another, but there was a tall cliff that kept their different worlds far apart. One day, however, Little Polar Bear’s curiosity took him over the edge of the cliff! He lands in mud, which covers his arms and legs. When he covers his eyes, he ends up with splotches over them that, along with his mud covered arms and legs, make him look like a panda bear. Little Panda comes along and the two begin to play. After the mud washes off of Little Polar Bear, the two new friends realize they need to find a way to help the homesick bear get home.

What a lovely tale! The illustrations are beautiful (watercolor and pencil?). I especially love the page where Little Panda is thinking of how to get Little Polar Bear home.

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