Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Golden "Ears"

I finally was able to finish These Happy Golden Years audiobook! Yay! So here are two audiobook reviews for your reading pleasure.

Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura and her family have settled into life in the town of De Smet and their claim nearby. The long hard winter has finally ended, and life has resumed its normalcy. Laura and Carrie are attending school in town. Their new school teacher is Miss Wilder – the sister of the two Wilder boys. A familiar face has also joined the school. Nellie Olsen and her family have moved to a claim near the town. After a difficult fall term, partially due to Nellie’s scheming, Miss Wilder returns home to Minnesota and a new teacher, Mr. Owens, is hired for the winter term.

The Ingalls family moves back to town for the winter so the girls can attend school, and so they will be safe in case of another hard season. Time goes by and soon the winter term of school is ending. All of the students must showcase what they have learned. After a perfect show of knowledge, Laura is offered her first job teaching at a school twelve miles from home. It is on this note that the book ends.

I enjoyed reading about daily life for Laura and her family, and about the different social customs of the time period.

There are some parts of the book that time seems to fly by too quickly.

1942 Newbery honor book

These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Not quite sixteen years old, Laura has accepted her first teaching job. As it is twelve miles from home, she must stay with the Brewster family throughout the term. Laura is nervous about teaching, especially as several of the students are bigger than she is! She misses her family terribly, and doesn’t expect to see them until the school term ends. Much to her surprise, Almanzo Wilder comes to pick her up on Friday afternoon, whisking her through the snowy landscape towards home – and a break from the tense atmosphere of the Brewster household. Even though the temperatures are extremely cold, Almanzo continues to pick her up every Friday and return her back to the Brewster’s home every Sunday, allowing Laura to ease her homesickness and see her family.

Upon finishing the school term, Laura returns to her own school, where she finds that she still the top of her schoolmates. Laura continues to study hard…and to be courted by Almanzo.

Time slips by, and the Ingalls family makes their claim shanty truly a home. Laura continues to work several jobs over the seasons, including two more terms teaching. Almanzo and Laura, now around eighteen, grow closer, until one day he proposes marriage.

The book ends on a happy note: Laura and Almanzo’s wedding day.

I love the description of place, and really felt I could see the town and the surrounding land. I also enjoyed reading about Laura’s growing feelings for Almanzo. It was so very sweet.

Again, there were parts that time went too quickly. It was a little confusing from time to time.


1944 Newbery honor book

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