Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture Book Promos

This is a continuation of a previous Picture Book Promos post.

Storybook Classics series
Retold in Italian by Roberto Piumini
Translated into English

This series of books, published by Picture Window Books (Capstone Publishers), were translated from Italian and released this year. Each book contains special features after the story: questions about the story, a glossary, and information on writing your own fairy tale. These features make the books particularly useful for a classroom or homeschool setting.

Each of the eight books is illustrated by a different artist, lending them to have different appearances.

Since there are so many books in the series, I am going to split them over several blog posts. Keep an eye out for next week’s edition of Picture Book Promos!

The 3 Little Pigs
Illustrated by Nicolette Costa

When their family grows too big for their home, Mama sends her three oldest piglets out into the world. These three little pigs look for a new home. One makes a house out of straw; another out of sticks. The third makes his house out of brick.

Along comes a wolf looking for dinner. When the first little pig won’t let him into her house of straw and the second little pig refuses him entry into his house of wood, the wolf blows down their homes. The pigs escape to their brother’s house of brick. Can they keep the wolf from getting inside and eating all three of the little pigs for dinner?

This retelling of a well known fairy tale is sure to appeal to children everywhere. The adorable illustrations perfectly reflect the personalities of the pigs. I can’t wait to use this book for a storytime!

Little Red Riding Hood
Illustrated by Alessandro Sanna

Little Red must take a basket of goodies to her grandmother, but after meeting a wolf along the way, her trip does not turned out as planned. Luckily, a passing hunter hears who he thinks is Grandmother snoring very loudly. Finding the wolf, he must free the young girl and her grandmother.

The story has a nice flow to it, making it easy to read a loud. The (oil or acrylic?) painted illustrations are vibrant in color, yet at times nearly abstract in design. I’m not overly found of the artwork, but that is more due to personal style than anything else.

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