Friday, September 10, 2010

Going MIA

In August, I was a great blogger. Just look at all of those posts! Since September, though, I’ve been a slacker again. It’s not going to get better this month, either. Why? Because I’m heading out of town for ten days – eight of which will be spent in Canada.

I’ve been reading a lot, still. I’ve made my way through several more of the Dark Hunter series. They are definitely quick reads! I also read the latest book published of the very humorous (at least to this librarian) library themed comic, Unshelved (Large Print is the book). I did finish Mockingjay, but don’t feel I can really review it yet. I want to read the series again first.

*thinking**thinking* Hmmm. Did I finish any other books recently? I think that might be it.

I do have Picture Book Promos scheduled for the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get a few reviews typed up and scheduled for while I am away.

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