Thursday, September 09, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Purplicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann

Pinkalicious turns blue as everyone at school teases her about her love of everything pink. Even a trip to the ice cream shop can’t bring Pinkalicious out of her funk. Will Pinkalicious exchange her rose-colored glasses for what everyone else is wearing, or will she discover just how powerful pink can be?

The follow-up to Pinkalicious, this story astutely portrays how a few mean kids can make a child question what she really loves.

Goldilicious by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious loves playing with her pet unicorn Goldilicious (Goldie). They do all sorts of fun things together, like rollerskate and fly kites and have picnics. Only special people can see Goldie. Peter, Pinkalicious’ little brother, joins the game by kidnapping Goldie. They are then off on an adventure of dragons, pirates and mermaids.

This is the third book in the series. There is a different feel to the story than in the previous books, and not as much focus on a particular color. The use of imagination in play is wonderful.

Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink by Victoria Kann

On a hot sunny day, Pinkalicious wants some gumballs, but her piggy bank is empty. Mommy suggests having a lemonade stand, and Pinkalicious loves the idea…as long as the lemonade is pink! Her first batch is interesting (and chewy), but the second batch turns out just right. Pinkalicious makes enough money to buy nine pink gumballs – enough to share with her brother Peter.

Another book in the Pinkalicious series, this is a fun tale to share with your favorite pink-loving child.

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