Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Middle School Woes (and an audiobook update)

How to Survive Middle School by Donna Gephart

After a summer that left much to be desired – mostly in the best friend behavior department – David Greenberg is more than anxious about starting middle school. Due to the fight with his now ex-best friend, he has good reason to be nervous. After his new best friend - who just happens to be a girl – sends his talk show style videos to her homeschool network, David’s finds fame on the internet. How can someone be “Lameberg” at school but so popular online? Can David survive his first year of middle school?

Told with lots of humor, this tale is one that will have you laughing will enjoyment. While there are some serious parts (David deals with outright bullying at school. His mother has abandoned the family, keeping in touch via snailmail).) the overall tone of the book is humorous.

David wants to be just like John Stewart when he grows up. While I love how far his YouTube video of him interviewing the “magazine cover John Stewart” I think it gets a little farfetched. Otherwise, this is a great, fun read.

The cover is of an adorable hamster. That's David's pet, Hammy. He's very cute. But...does that mean boys will shun this book?

In other reading news, I tried to listen to Anne of Green Gables. I didn't get through the first CD. Why? The narrator made me feel like I was listening to a NPR news broadcast. Not. Appealing. At. All. I couldn't listen to more as I didn't want to discolor one of my favorite children's novels.

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