Monday, August 30, 2010


Illyria by Elizabeth Hand.

As the youngest of all of the kids and born on the same day, cousins Maddy and Rogen have always been close. As they begin high school, the duo becomes even closer than ever, taking their relationship beyond “kissing cousins”.

They both are drawn to the stage, just as many generations of their family had been until their great-grandmother’s marriage. Rogen’s natural beauty and extraordinary talents outshine everyone he is near. Maddy’s glamour is encouraged by their Aunt Kate. After the duo star in a school production of a Shakespeare play, Aunt Kate announces she has arranged for Maddy to study acting in England.

Thus begins the cousins’ decades-long separation. It isn’t until after Aunt Kate’s death years later that they are together again.

This is a short novel, making it a fairly quick read.

I didn’t feel connected to the story at all, but rather, was bored by it.

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