Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes by Eric Litwin; illustrated by James Dean

Pete is one hip cat with a serious case of puppy love for his new white shoes. But when he accidentally steps into a pile of strawberries that makes his shoes red, does he get upset? Not at all. He just changes his song to accommodate the new color. The same when he steps in other color-changing piles and puddles. Groovy.

A story that will have you singing along, this picture book is a crowd pleaser. Children love to sing along with Pete and to call out responses to the questions posed. The illustrations are great, with a watercolor and pen look to them. Pete the cat loves his white shoes; I love this book.

I Got Two Dogs by John Lithogow; illustrated by Robert Nuebecker

Sing along with this story (CD included) and hear the tale of Fanny and Blue, two fun loving dogs that anyone would love as to have as a pet. They have many differences, but one very important thing in common. Their owner loves them.

This book is another example that Lithogow is one of the few celebrity authors who really can write quality literature for children. A storytime favorite, you can’t help but sing along while reading the story. The illustrations are full of fun, adding to the entertainment of the story.

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