Monday, September 20, 2010

of gods and goddesses

Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Once upon a time, Sin was a god. Then Artemis stole his powers. Now he is the last of his pantheon. Considered a Dark Hunter, though really he isn’t, Artemis wants him dead before he gets a chance to kill her.

Katra is the daughter of Artemis and Acheron. She has powers beyond imagination. Her mother has asked her to kill Sin. Thinking him to be an unfeeling, inhumane monster, she agrees.

Of course, few things are what they appear. What Kat thought was an inhumane action was really full of mercy. Sin isn’t fighting Daimons. He is fighting something much, much worse: a race of demons whose bite infects their victims, making the victims one of them.

Katra and Sin are drawn together, using their powers to fight off the gallu demons and to hopefully keep them from releasing an even worse race of demons, the Dimme, all the while falling in love.

Another departure from the Dark Hunters as main characters, this book is actually one of my favorite in the series. Katra may seem familiar to readers of the series. She was Cassandra’s bodyguard in Kiss of the Night.

Kat can be a bit too sarcastic at times. Other than that, the book was a decent, fast paced read. Again, I enjoyed learning more about Acheron and other beings in the Dark Hunter world.

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