Monday, November 01, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Fang has always had a close relationship with his sister Anya and their brother Vane. When a series of events fueled by their father’s hatred of his children cause the brothers to be in exile and Fang to be in a deep coma, the Were Hunter wolves find a temporary home at Sanctuary.

Aimee – the only daughter in her large family of bears – is practically smothered by her family’s over-protectiveness. As the only daughter, it is up to her to carry on the family’s place in the Omegrion. Unfortunately, Aimee doesn’t feel anything for the parade of bears that her mother brings before her, instead yearning for the love she cannot have.

With demons invading their realm, circumstances force the wolves and bears to work together to in unsuspected ways.

Fans of the Dark Hunter series have been waiting for this story.


Um…*thinking* *thinking* Better understanding of the Peltier clan.


In comparison with other books in the series, this one fell very flat.

Some of the text I think was taken directly from other books that overlapped the time period of this story. Not rewritten from another view, really, but I felt like it was just copied and pasted.

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