Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Twin's daughter

Twin's daughter by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

It begins with a knock at the door and a visitor who looks like a pauper version of the mistress of the house and a dilemma. Cast the long lost and previous unknown twin back into the streets of Edwardian London, or accept her into the house – and family – teaching her to be a lady exactly like her privileged sister.

The family brings Helen – the lost sister – into their lives, where she becomes truly part of their home. Then something horrible happens. One twin is dead. The other still living. But, is she who she claims to be?

Told from the viewpoint of the daughter of the house, Lucy, the story is filled with mystery and intrigue. As Lucy deals with becoming a teenager and adult in privileged Edwardian London society, she must also cope with the loss of her beloved Aunt Helen…or her is it the loss of her dear, sweet mother?


The viewpoint of the story being told by Lucy. She is unlike most young girls of her time, inquisitive and intelligent. She is excellent at taking note of the world around her. Yet, like any child of her age, she is appropriately self absorbed. The reader must puzzle out the mystery along with Lucy.

The mystery of which twin really survived! This is a major plot of the book, and it is well developed and played.


A bit slow at times, especially the first part of the story – the part that leads up to the shocking, violent death of one twin.

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