Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Crazy Beautiful

Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted.

Starting their sophomore year, Lucious and Aurora are both new kids at their high school. Their fellow students couldn’t have more different reactions to the duo. Lucious, with hooks instead of hands, is treated as a paraiah. Aurora is immediately enveloped within the group of popular teens. However different their receptions may be, the two find themselves drawn to one another.

After losing much of his arms in an explosion that he caused, Lucious is rumored to be crazy. Aurora feels there is more to Lucious than what the other teens say. The two grow closer, much to the dismay of other students. When her father is accused of something horrible, and Lucious is rumored to be the one who collaborated on the story, Aurora doesn’t know who to believe – Lucious or the rumors.

Touted as a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with hooked handed Lucious as Beast to popular Aurora’s beauty, this short teen novel is told from both teens’ viewpoints. The chapters go back and forth between the two, sometimes with only a few sentences worth of reading, other times with several pages.

I think I picked up this book due to reading another by the author.

Lucious’ friendship with the school security guard…I can see that happening. Same with Aurora and her feelings about friendships.

The characters seemed too flat.

The relationship between Aurora and her father was unbelievable.

The relationships between Lucious and his whole family was also unbelievable.

Lucious’ actions with the security guard and the outcome of them – totally too much for me. Especially over such a short time period.

I think I picked up this book due to reading another by the author. I liked the other one (The Twin’s Daughter) much better.

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