Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The end of Avalon

The mists of Avalon. Book 3: the king stag by Marion Zimmer Bradley; read by Davina Porter.

The mists of Avalon. Book 4: the prisoner in the oak by Marion Zimmer Bradley; read by Davina Porter.

What of the King Stag when the Young Stag is grown?

The final two installments of The Mists of Avalon take the reader through Lancelet and Morgaine’s marriages to those they do not love. Morgaine and Arthur’s son grows into an adult, and finds a place for himself at Arthur’s court. Kevin the Harper – now Merlin of Brittan – continues to act against Avalon…at least in Morgaine’s eyes.

As the years go by, treachery and treason are the norm in Arthur’s seemingly peaceful court. Avalon falls further into the Mists even as Kevin commits an act so traitorous that Morgaine, acting as Lady of the Lake, calls for his death. Sir Mordred plots against Lancelet, Gwenhwyfar and Arthur.

Will any of them be left alive at the end of the tale?

Narrator Davina Porter. She is the reason I listened to this book.

The story is told from the women’s views, namely Gwenhwyfar and Morgaine.

At times the story seemed to lag on and on, causing me to lose interest. This was especially true of the last book.

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