Sunday, January 23, 2011

Light in Shadow

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Light in Shadow – Jayne Ann Krentz

This book is about a woman who has escaped from an insane asylum and living out with everyone else and carrying on life as a normal person. In her life she is working as a decorator but she gets vibes off the walls, and goes to one home where she believes the wife was murdered. She is able to solve the case quickly with the help of a new detective in town and then realizes that her life is in jeopardy due to the asylum trying to find her as she is a valuable client. The book follows her life until this issue is resolved with the help of the detective.

I really enjoyed this book and finished it within two days as it is an easy read. It is a mystery book which was a nice change for me and I think that may be part of why it held my interest. I also discovered when I was done that this is a series as there is a preview of the next book and it involves the detective.

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