Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adventures in Istanbul

I finished another book last night. So, while I have a review to share (from the other recently read books), I'm still just as behind. Ah, well.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

The world is at war – Darwinists versus Klankers. Germany and Austria-Hungry and their allies versus Great Britain and theirs. In a British airship heading towards Istanbul are two teens from very different backgrounds: Alek – prince and secret heir to the Austria-Hungarian Empire and Deryn – commoner and midshipman on the British airship and secretly a girl. Despite their greatly different backgrounds, the two teens become close friends. It is mostly due to this that Deryn searches for Alek after he escapes in Istanbul.

There they become deeply involved in an uprising – Deryn more apprehensively than Alek. Hoping to keep Istanbul out of the war – or at least not on the German’s side – the duo, along with their newfound friends and Alek’s personal guard, hope to take down the Germans hold in the Ottoman Empire.


Full of adventure and historical facts (though some are slightly altered to fit the steampunk genre).

Deryn’s a great character. She’s smart, quick in action and wits, funny and a generally good person.

The eggs from the first book hatch. One of the creatures plays a decent sized role in the book, and I adore it (not sure if the creature is male, female or what).

I actually had to look up a word in the dictionary. Of course, once I did it was only another chapter before the word was defined.


I have to wait until October for the third installment…unless I can somehow pick up an ARC.

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