Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things fall apart

Scumble by Ingrid Law

As his thirteenth birthday approaches, Ledger hopes that his savvy will be super speed. Instead he is saddled with a destructive ability he must learn to control. When Ledge, his sister and their parents travel to the family ranch in Wyoming, where many relatives have spent time learning to scumble – or control – their savvies, Ledge worries that he will be left there for good. Trying to keep his savvy under wraps proves harder than expected, thanks to local loudmouth Sarah Jane Cabot.

Fedora, Ledger’s younger sister, is a wonderful characterization of a younger sister in early elementary school. She’s spunky and intelligent and loves to spout out tidbits of safety advice as learned from her beloved teacher.

The update about Fisher, Mibs and the rest of the cast of characters from Savvy is enough to keep readers happy.

While the book has a clean ending, there are logical possibilities of a sequel.

Narrator’s voice sounded older than 13.

A sequel to Savvy, this takes place nine years later.

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