Friday, August 12, 2011

Thrill! By Jackie Collins

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Thrill! by Jackie Collins

The main character in this book is Lara Ivory, who is a famous movie star. Throughout the book we get glimpses of her sad past and how she ended up where she is. But everything in Hollywood is not as happy as it seems and many people involved in her life have their own secrets and stories. We also follow the life of Joey, who quickly gets himself involved in Lara’s life and wants to be her next husband. We see Richard, her ex-husband who realizes that he wants Lara back. There is also Nikki who is Richards’s current wife and Lara’s best friend as well as Nikki’s 15 year old daughter. All these people have skeletons in their closets and we learn about them as well as why they prefer to stay there.


The story is well told and the characters engage you
There are many different stories going on to interest you, but not enough to confuse you
It makes you feel that Hollywood does have a dark side


The book was a bit long – just over 500 pages
The ending was a bit predictable

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