Saturday, September 10, 2011


Fire by Kristin Cashore

Fire is not like other girls; she is the last of her kind. Her father, Cansrel, was a human monster, a beautiful creature with mental talents that he often used to fulfill his sick pleasures and to control the king. Unlike her father, Fire controls the monster within and allows her human side to rule her mind. However, most people, including Nash, the new king and Brigan, his brother, cannot see the human within her monster beauty. One falls madly for her; the other wishes her dead. All must go beyond their perceptions of each other or else the kingdom will be destroyed.

The narrator, Xanthe Elbrick, was great.

Although a fantasy world, the setting of the novel is believable.

One of the characters in this story is Leck – the villain from Graceling. His part of the story really doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the plot. The novel would have been stronger without Leck.

Fire has a lot of Cannon Sue/Mary Sue qualities about her. She’s practically perfect in every way – but doesn’t realize it. This leads to a lot of “Oh! Woe is me.”


Companion to Graceling

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