Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Picture Book Promos

I Must Have Bobo!I Must Have Bobo! by Eileen Rosenthal; illustrated by Marc Rosenthal
From the moment he wakes up in the morning Willy’s beloved stuffed monkey, Bobo, is always by his side. When Bobo keeps going missing, the culprit is Earl, the family’s cat who also loves Bobo. Can the little boy and the cat find a way to share?

Holler LoudlyHoller Loudly by Cynthia Leitich Smith; illustrated by Barry Gott
Every few generations a Loudly child is born who fully lives up to the family name. Holler don’t understand why people don’t let him be himself – loud as loud can be. While listening to his

You're Finally Here!You’re Finally Here! by Melanie Watt
Bunny is excited when you, the reader, finally arrive. He has been waiting for you for so long! This adorable picture book that aptly illustrates a preschooler’s impatience and excitement.

These HandsThese Hands by Margaret H. Mason; Illustrated by Floyd Cooper
A grandfather tells his young grandson all the wonderful things his hands could do, despite the racism that once kept his hands from making bread at the Wonder Bread bakery where he worked.

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