Monday, January 30, 2012

Picture Book Promos

These two picture books show different approaches to death - one more personable, featuring a little boy whose mother has passed away and one more abstract, highlighting the friendship between a duck and death. Both are beautiful in their own ways. Both are also sure to make you tear up as you read them.

After his mother dies, a little boy experiences a variety of emotions, from anger to worry. Troubled that he will forget the pieces of his mother that matter most to him - her voice, her face, her scent – he tries to find ways to keep her in his memory. When his grandmother visits, she helps him to realize that his mother will always be with him.

When Duck notices a stranger following her, she is a little scared to learn it is Death. Overcoming that fear, the two strike a friendship and spend time together. When Death looks cold, Duck offers to warm him. The two speak of what happens when one dies. Through the summer they visit the pond and climb trees, generally enjoying one another’s company. When the weather turns cooler as autumn arrives, Duck quietly goes into Death arms and peacefully dies.

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