Monday, January 30, 2012


This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.
Tempted by Virginia Henley

As a way to bring peace and harmony, the King declares that several clans must arrange marriages between them. As Valentina is already spoken for, her younger sister is betrothed to Ram, but due to some conniving women, Valentina’s betrothal is broken. Her mom is not willing to sacrifice the younger sister so she manages to convince her husband to offer Valentina instead.

But Valentina is not ready to submit to Ram, and both are very hot headed and determined. This leads to many clashes between the two of them as well as mis-understandings. We see how this couple deals with many conflicts and how it impacts their relationship for the better or for the worse.


A believable story

Characters are likeable and you are there hoping and wishing for them

Per the authors note at the end of the book, there are many elements of truth in the story


Language – The brogue of Scotland is used and sometimes it is hard to understand but is mostly necessary for the story.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book.

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