Monday, February 20, 2012

Picture Book Promos - Caldecott edition

Here are the 2012 Caldecott honors and winner!

With line drawings in black with hues of green coloring them, this picture book tells the story of a little boy’s great-grandfather. The topiaries that the grandfather makes illustrate the various times in his life. Additional colors serve only to highlight different parts of the story (red berries for chicken pox, a pink flower in the hair of the great grandmother sculpture).

On a hot night in the city, a child is bored. Everyone in his family is too busy to play with him. When the power goes out, though, the family finds fun together. Wonderful use of color throughout the various scenes.

When Jane was a young child she was given a stuffed toy monkey. Together the duo would observe the nature surrounding her home. As she grew, she dreamed of going to Africa and studying the creatures there. One day her dream came true. With beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations, coupled with simple text, this serves as a delightful introduction to Jane Goodall and her lifelong passion for nature. The book also contains some original photos and drawings from Dr. Goodall.

And the winner is...

A dog and her beloved red ball are rarely apart. She sleeps near it, plays with it and even takes it to the park. When the ball breaks, she is very sad…until a friend from the park gives her a delightful gift.
This wordless picture book, illustrated by Caldecott winner (and honor) illustrator Chris Raschka, tells a lovely tale that is sure to resonate with many. The brightly colored ink, watercolor and gouache illustrations make the book a fit for many ages.

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