Thursday, February 09, 2012

Show me your teeth.

A human raised by chimera, Karou is a child of two worlds. Karou lives between the human world, where she goes to art school, and the world in her foster father’s workshop, where he works with the teeth of all creatures. Brimstone, her foster father, sends her on mysterious errands, usually to collect teeth, and pays her in small wishes. Karou can’t help but wonder how she came to be part of her odd little family, but can’t pry answers out of Brimstone. While collecting teeth, she encounters a beyond beautiful angel, who attempts to kill her. Being thrust in the middle of a war between fantastical races, Karou may finally find the answers she’s been looking for.

There’s action. There’s romance. There’s magic. There’s mystery. Taylor outdoes herself in the first book in the series. With fantastic world building, beautifully described settings, well developed characters, this book seems to have it all.

The ending seemed a little abrupt. I would have loved a preview of the next book!
The transition between the flashbacks and current scenes were not as smooth as they could have been.

I read somewhere that the next book is coming out this fall. Yay!

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