Saturday, March 31, 2012

Girl, I'm going to make you look FABULOUS!

Sixteen-year-old Carlos is openly gay and Fabulous. He has always loved make-up and aspires to be a celebrity make-up artist. First, however, he must get his career started by getting a job at a department store make-up counter. Of course, being as fabulous as he is, he wants to work for the best: FeatureFace Cosmetics at Macy’s. Even after getting hired with FeatureFace, Carlos’ life isn’t all rosy blush. His mother loses her job. His sister’s boyfriend has started hitting her. He loses one friend and comes to terms with his crush on another friend. And his boss is jealous of his talent. Can Carlos’ make it in the cosmetic industry or will real life keep him from rising to the top?
Carlos is a fun character.

Total fluff. Carlos is very nearly a stereotype. None of the characters have any depth to them. Story itself felt like a fairy tale.

I guess I just expect more out of award winners.


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