Monday, April 02, 2012

The classic love story. Alive boy meets dead girl. Dead girl kills his classmate. Alive boy and dead girl fall in love.

Cas has inherited a gift from his father. He can kill the dead. Traveling around the continent with his mother, a witch, Cas sends spirits to their final resting place. After finishing a job dispatching a hitchhiking ghost, Cas goes to Thunder Bay, Canada to learn more about a deadly and disturbing spirit named Anna Dressed in Blood. Killed as a teenager several decades prior, Anna appears in the dress she wore the night she died. Once a white dress, it is now mostly red, dripping in blood. Everyone who sees Anna, however, doesn’t survive to tell about their experiences, as Anna ripped their bodies apart.

Except for Cas. Something about Cas makes Anna want to fight the urge she has to tear his body to pieces. Working together, and with Cas’ new friends, they attempt to break the curse left upon Anna when she was brutally murdered.

The text is in a rich red color. Very cool!  Love the cover, too.

Frightening and delightfully creepy. A love story that you know can’t end well. Full of action and horror.

None. I enjoyed this book.

1st in series.

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