Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is official. I am addicted to Pinterest. As it currently stands, I think that Pinterest is one of the most useful social media tools available. I’m able to easily organize ideas and sources for so many aspects of my life. While I don’t view the goodness every day, I do spend much time perusing the goodness and pinning my finds. I started out using it just for work type things – i.e. libraryland and literacy stuff. I now also use it for a few personal things, namely collecting recipes. Due to this, I try to avoid Pinterest when I am hungry. It has a way of making me want to eat lots of yummy foods!


I do more than just collect pins on my various boards. I even do more than reorganize those pins from time to time! Thanks to the site I have found several crafts and activities for work that have been successful, such as the Very Hungry Caterpillar decoration (shown in the Main Children’s department at my work) that is shown above. I’ve also found inspiration for other projects, such as the bulletin board shown below, based on this pin

I need to remember to take pics of the pins I try so I can share them.  Yet another thing to add to the list of things to do.

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