Monday, October 15, 2012

Otakugumi - Origami

At last month's Otakugumi anime programs we made origami.  I readily admit that I am quite origamically challenged, so I wasn't able to really teach the kids how to make various things. We all had fun going through the books and trying our hand at the various shapes.  Everyone thought it was funny that a book called Easy Origami was anything but easy.

Some teens were much more accomplished than others.  As you can see, paper cups were a big hit.  Those were all made by one girl!  I think she ended up making about 20 of them.  I did have some origami paper that I found on clearance at a craft store, but we mostly used scrap paper cut into various size squares. 

One boy wanted to make an owl.  The designs we found in the books were harder than either of us could do.  I did come up with a more simpler version.  It's not the greatest, but it works!

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