Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fuzzy Friends storytime plan

My one coworker and I switch storytime every week.  This means I only have storytime every other week...if that!  Sometimes circumstances make it even longer between my storytime sessions. Such is the case with this week's theme: Fuzzy Friends.  

I wasn't paying close enough attention, though.  Usually I would have storytime, but I asked Brindi to cover it, since I have another program that afternoon at different branch.  I could do both, and have in the past, but it makes for a very busy and very rushed day.  I realized that I didn't need to plan storytime after I already had it planned.  Lucky Brindi!  She could just revamp my program to her tastes.

For the PDF of the Fuzzy Friends storytime plan, click here

 To view the file, you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (get it free here). 


Sweet B said...

You were too kind :)

Ama said...

I have my moments. :>