Friday, August 16, 2013

Sharon's Summer Reads - volume 2

These reviews are by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon. 

Mine 'Til Monday by Ruby Laska
Dorothy is trying for a promotion.  But she needs a fiancé in order to get the job as the owner is a family person and wants a happy couple at the helm.  So she called up childhood friend Mud and asks him to help her out.  He agrees, after all, it’s only for a week.  
But when he shows up, Dorothy has her doubts that this is going to work.  He is rougher around the edges than she remembers but he will do.  But can Dorothy keep her old emotions in regards to him under wraps and get through the weekend with her potential boss?
Good character insights 

Truth or Date (Better Date than Never) by Susan Hatler
Gina is a bridesmaid for her friend Ellen.  The wedding is coming up in a few weeks and there is still a lot to do to get ready including finding a date for the happy day.  While out trying on dresses with the other bridesmaids, the topic comes up and one of the other girls offers to set her up.  It also comes out that Gina is still living with George, who she broke up with four months ago after being together 10 years without a ring.  One of the girls offers her the spare room at her place, and Gina starts moving out that day.  
At the same time, she is left to organize the going away party for a co-worker, Chris, who is leaving to move to another company.  Between juggling her wedding duties, a blind date and having to help Chris out of a jam, can life get any more complicated for Gina?
Getting into Gina’s head and why she makes the decisions she does 

Temporary Fiancée by Judy Rogers
Haley is hired as an assistant by Andrew.  He broke his leg and was not able to go into the office to work.  As his normal assistant has gone on maternity leave, he called the temp agency to send someone and that someone is Haley. But her first impression is not great as she trips on her heel getting out of her taxi and he tries to send her home.   But Haley stands her ground and lets Andrew know that he needs her help and that he doesn’t have time to get another temp, especially as it turns out he needs someone to act as his fiancée, starting that evening.
Will Haley be convincing enough to fool Andrew’s prior fiancée who knows his type and what he likes?  Or will this all fall apart and the business deal go with it?
Ashley is spunky and is not afraid to stand up to this man
Andrew is a family man which comes through when you find out how he broke his leg
I wanted the book to keep going!

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