Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sharon's Summer Reads - volume 4

These reviews are by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.  

Iced Romance by Whitney Boyd
Todd and Kennedy met before Todd became a huge hockey star.  But now, it has hit the press that he has had several affairs in the last year even though Kennedy and him are engaged.  Kennedy decides she cannot live with this any longer and she sells her ring, clears the joint bank accounts, and packs up and leaves.  She heads to Florida where she starts a new life as a no one but Todd has decided that he needs to find her.  Meanwhile, she meets David and starts a relationship with him but he can tell that there is something that Kennedy is not sharing with him.
That Kennedy is willing to leave her life, even though she has everything she could want.
Todd (but you’re supposed to dislike him) 

No Exchanges, No Returns (Book Four of The Return to Redemption Series) by Laurie Kellogg
Brianna and David had a whirlwind courtship and marriage but Brianna did not tell David about her inability to have children until after he had proposed.  The two of them contemplate adoption and in having a surrogate.  They decide that they would like to ask Casey, Brianna’s twin sister, but Brianna wants to use Casey’s eggs as well.  After some thought, Casey agrees to it and they move forward with the plans.
A few months later, Casey is a few months pregnant and Brianna packs up and leaves David and files for divorce.   Casey has to look for a new place to live as she is living illegal in someone’s porch so David invites her to come live with him until the baby is born.  But as Casey goes further into her pregnancy, David cannot help being attracted to her using the excuse that he wants to be close to their baby.
While the plot is rather predictable, it is still a fun read
Casey is shown in a somewhat negative light, due to the fact that she always wants to please people
Note:  This is book 4 in a series but is easily independent.
What Stays in Vegasby Beth Labonte 

Tessa is an administrative assistant who is bored with her job but isn’t sure how to move on to something else.  When she rescues Kendra, the owners daughter, in the bathroom at the company Christmas party, that all changes.  Kendra’s assistant goes on maternity leave and requests Tessa as her replacement.  For Tessa, this means moving to Las Vegas for three months.
Tessa and Kendra become great friends and Tessa starts to dread having to return home after the three months.  But she dreads staying as an administrative assistant and talks to Kendra about her dreams.  Not to mention, her and Chris, one of the other employees, start a relationship.
What is Tessa to do when her time is up?
Fun concept
Enjoyable read, lots of stuff going on
Some parts definitely do not seem believable

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