Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sharon's Summer Reads - volume 5

These reviews are by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Max is the owner of his company; Amy is one of the accounting staff.   Both of them like each other but they do not know that.  When Max needs an escort to a function he asks Amy if she would go with him and gives her the day off to prepare.   But when they leave the event, they do not want the evening to end and they make an agreement about their future together.
Will this agreement work for them or will it not be enough?
A cute story and concept
Characters are believable
Note:  Book is rated 18+ 

Hotter than Hot by Tina Leonard
Elijah comes roaring into town on his motorcycle to rent a room in Monet’s house.  There is an attraction between the two of them right from the start but Elijah does his best to ignore it because he is there on an assignment, to protect Monet and her sister.
Short story
Didn’t seem very realistic
Ending didn’t seem possible 

Kiss Me by Kristine Mason
Jenna has had a crush on Luke since she first met him and decides that she would like him to be her boytoy which she confesses to her friend.  But what she doesn’t know is that Luke is listening from the other side of the door.    Later that night, when Jenna is supposed to meet her friend for dinner Luke is the one who shows up and admits that he set this up, knowing that Jenna wouldn’t have agreed to meet him.
But Jenna is surprised when Luke tells her that he wants to date her and take things slowly.  He suggests that their relationship does not go beyond kissing which ends up frustrating them both.
Will this arrangement end up working or will it crash and burn?
The opposite of the typical story, where the guy is the one trying to get the girl to do what he wants. 
Accidentally Yours by Bettye Griffin 

Vivian is on a search to find Mr Right.  As a result, she joins a group of singles and meets someone to go on a date with. But things don’t go so well and they end up at the emergency room.  There she runs into a handsome doctor.  She figures she will never see him again but then she goes on a date with a second man and ends up at the hospital again.  Zack is the doctor working again and he accuses her of being a jinx and a danger to men.
But then, when Vivian goes on a ski trip and discovers Zack is a member of the club, things seem to go their way and they spend the day together.  Cue the jinx, as Zack ends up hurting himself and he ends up living with Vivian for a week as he needs someone to look after him and he has no one else.
Will this week end up sparking something or will they decide that they are no longer attracted to each other?
A story that many women can identify with, maybe not the injuries, but looking for Mr Right
Many mentions of the characters being African-American which I found detracted from the story

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