Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Book Bingo

Brindi at Sweet B’s Impressions recently posted a list of activities she hopes to accomplish this summer. One of those items was to read 8 more titles on a Book Bingo sheet.  I had commented that I might have to steal that idea.  When I came to work a few days later, there was a printout waiting for me.  I started it that day (May 19) and should soon have a BINGO!

We talked a little about the free square.  Brindi is using that as an opportunity to read ten juvenile chapter books.  I think I will use it for the Newbery Printz CSK Author portion of my Reading Resolutions.  So…that means I need to read nine more books - 1 Printz, 3 Newbery, and 5 CSK Author – to complete the spot.

Brindi asked what I will do when I get a BINGO.  She is going to buy a book.  I replied that I would likely brag to her about it. Thinking about it a little more, though, I could be convinced to go the same route as Brindi.  Perhaps for Maddiecakes, though?  I think she needs a larger library. 

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Sweet B said...

I like it. Books, books, and more books!!! Maybe I'll buy my favorite books and gift them to friends and family members :)