Monday, February 09, 2015

Insta-challenge, part 5 (the end)

The last week of the #BSMphotoaday Instagram challenge. It's was fun!  So much that I may try another book photo challenge in the future. Hopefully I will finish the next one.  I didn't with this as the end of January found us without heat - during a bit of a cold snap.  Luckily we were able to fix our 28-year-old furnace, but during the few days of hit and miss heating in our house I was more focused on keeping the pups warm than keeping up with an Instagram challenge!  Ah the joys of home-ownership!

26. Handwriting

This theme had me wondering: With so many schools no longer teaching cursive, will future generations miss out on many beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written texts like this one? The use of handwriting and script type fonts in picture books may become an obsolete art.

27. Book Villain 
Come to the #darkside. We have cookies.

28. Book and Nail Polish

29. Gold

30. Accomplished.

31. January Wrap Up

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