Sunday, February 10, 2008

A few weeks ago, I finished Silent Echoes by Carla Jablonski. I must say, I was pleasently surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. For a bit in the middle, I was beginning to get bored with the book. Thankfully I continued on!

Lindsay is a teen in modern day NYC. Living with her alcoholic mother and step-father is hell. The fights between the two "adults" cause Lindsay to lock herself in her bedroom closet. It's there she first hears voices...well, one voice.

Lucy is a teen in NYC...during the 1880s. An accessory to her father's scams, Lucy plays the part of a medium, pretending to speak with spirits. It's at a performance that Lucy hears a cry of "Help me!".

When Lindsay has a breakdown during a class trip, she is committed to a psych ward. Even medicated, the voice doesn't go away. She figures out a way out of the asylum, knowing she can't return home.

Lucy and Lindsay communicate throughout time, figuring out how to pass objects between the years - both forward and back. Lindsay helps Lucy raise with her occupation while trying to survive with what little resources she has available.

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